May 3, 2016

Chairman’s Message

Sanghol, a place with rich cultural heritage, linked with Indus Valley Civilisation dating back to 3000 BC, and my proud place of birth, to me is a natural choice for me for the regeneration and transformation of its inhabitants and people of the surrounding villages and town through cultural, scientific and technical education to inculcate in them scientific temper, creative thinking and innovative practices.

In my pursuits, I appreciate the pro-active cooperation and support of the Sanghol Gram Panchayat, worthy Trustees and eminent educationists who not only provided encouragement but also qualitatively transformed my dream into a reality. After having achieved a name amongst the academic leaders and established its identity in the area, the stage is set for embarking upon setting up institutions of international standards to provide opportunities to the youth of this area to realize their potentialities for a bright future.

I once again commit myself to the excellent and world level education of the rural youth, accelerate the pace of rural development and transformation, and improve the quality of human resources. The new opportunities in the state of the art world class infrastructure, I am sure will free the rural youth from the conditions inhibiting their life chances and opportunities and enable them to achieve higher educational and occupational goals. I feel convinced from the progress made so far that the Cordia Group in the long run through knowledge and awareness would instill in the minds of the rural people a sense of cultural pride, promote self-reliance, alleviate poverty, protect and sustain development environment, immense employment opportunities and thus Sanghol emerging as a Model village.

I welcome you all to this unique Cordia Group of Educational Institutes to acquire knowledge, skills, wonderful learning experience and further explore the world of opportunities in India and abroad for a bright future.

Rt. Lord Diljit Rana, MBE